Sunday Funday (11/11/12) – Taronga Zoo

This Sunday our weekly outing was the zoo.

We had pancakes for breakfast.

We ate lunch on the way there.

We travelled over by ferry.

We go to the zoo quite a lot (we have an annual pass). Monster is a big animal fan. When asked recently what he wanted to do when he was older he said ‘zookeeper’!

Many times we’ve been and asked, “What would you like to see next?”

And received the answer, “Dinosaur!”

So we explained that dinosaurs aren’t alive any more and don’t live in zoos.

Then today we go to the zoo and this is what we saw:


It was a very busy day.

There was a very tired Monster walking back to the entrance.

He had a lovely day though 🙂

Good Boy!

It’s true that your children will copy the things that you say! Two conversations from the past week:

“Sauce please Daddy,”
Daddy passes the sauce. “Here you go,”
“Good boy Daddy!”

And then today when I showed Monster something I had made for Daddy:
“Yeah! Good boy Mummy!”

I had to explain that Mummy wasn’t a boy, Mummy was a girl, so he corrected himself:
“Good girl Mummy!”

I couldn’t think of a good way to explain that was something we said to him but that he didn’t say to us!!

Matching initial sounds

Every night Monster reads books in bed before he goes to sleep. We have lots of books, but at the moment his favourite are the letter books, where each page has pictures for a certain letter. The last page has a match the letter to the picture activity, which is a bit too old for him but he insists on doing it anyway.

So it goes a little bit like this:

“P, p, p, p pencil!”

We clap him and we move on.

“S, s, s, s, sun!

A, a, a, a, a pencil!”

🙂 It’s not right, but that’s a blinkin’ good try!!