Our March photos:

One of our Sunday trips out took us on the ferry. Cheese! Monster got really good on his balance bike. He even went on a ride down the road with Daddy. The little bookworm insisted on taking a book with him to playgroup! Monster received a swimming certificate and was moved up to the next group. We practised the new things he was learning at home too. Swimming with a float: And starting to learn to dive:


Our photos from February:

They started replacing the telegraph poles along the road opposite the University using huge cranes. Monster would not move from that spot until the crane had pack up and moved on! We had a trip out to the Sydney Tower Eye. We could see a long way out across the city. Looking down the cars look like toys.At the end of the month it was Daddy’s birthday! Monster insisted that we have a tea party with party hats and party blowers!


Some highlights from our January:

January was the middle of summer. There was lots of playing outside at the park, being a daredevil on the climbing rungs. New shoes! This time he picked red! The Monster likes to do things grown ups do. We took photos of each other taking a photo with our phones! He did some thank you painting pictures for his Christmas presents. There was lots of swimming when it was hot.We went on a Mummy and Monster trip. Monster spotted the Opera House out of the ferry window. It was exciting going on a big trip just the two of us! At the end of January nursery went back after the summer holidays. Monster went back with his matching hat and bag!

Canberra Holiday – Part 4

(only 6 months after we went!)

The next morning after some early morning children’s tv watching… …we went out and had pancakes for breakfast. Look at that face! We then spent the day at Questacon, a science museum. Monster’s favourite part was the Mini Q section, which we had to get timed tickets for as it was school holidays. It was split into different activity areas. Some of his favourite area were the building section, …… the water activity section, … … and the vet role play section. The thing that fascinated him most though was a display in the entrance hall with balls that rolled around a marble run. We finished the day with his favourite dinner – nice rice!We had a good holiday 🙂