Christmas 2012

Father Christmas visited on Christmas Eve and brought all the presents everyone had sent him. He enjoyed his biscuits and green squash (which Monster chose for him) and the reindeer chomped on their carrot:Father Christmas has been In the morning we came down and monster was a little overwhelmed. He was very excited to see all the presents:Overwhelmed This was the first year he’s been able to open presents properly by himself, which he really enjoyed doing:Opening presents We played the games, did building with Duplo, and Monster insisted that we all dress up in his new dressing up outfits too:Dressing-up It rained all day, and after a play with all his presents Monster wanted to go out in the rain with his umbrella:Playing in the rain There was lots of puddle jumping until his boots were completely full up with water:Puddle jumping

We had a good Christmas 🙂

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