Wiggles Celebration Tour Concert – 22/12/2012

We went to see the Wiggles!

(All the pictures were taken on my phone which is why they’re all a bit blurry!)

Monster was very excited. He was very good waiting for the show to start:Waiting for the show to start Father Christmas was there too along with his reindeer and elves:Father Christmas on stage The Wiggles sang lots of songs that we knew:Wiggles singing There were big smiles all the way through:Enjoying the show Henry the Octopus sang Jingle Bells in octopus language:Henry the Octopus Monster insisted I take a photo of Murray in his muscle suit for the ‘Strong’ song:Murray in his muscle suit Captain Feathersword is one of our favourites:Captain Feathersword on stage Along with Dorothy the Dinosaur:Dorothy on stage We had a great time 🙂Watching the show


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