The rest of December

The weather was quite varied for the rest of December so we saw a number of different outfits.

There were some colder days so Monster got to try out his new jumper from swimming (whilst enjoying his Christmas chocolate!)Eating Christmas chocolate There were slightly warmer days when Monster chose his own oufits – his trousers that Mummy made (that are nearly too small now), a shirt, his green hat and shoes, and his Mr Tumble spotty bag:Monster chosen outfit And then it got hot again and we were back in shorts and t-shirt:With his new binoculars

We had a few trips out.

We went on the bus to play at soft play:Bus trip And we went to the zoo. He wore the new shirt he got for Christmas and his sunglasses – a real cool dude!Cool dude Monster was eager to try out the binoculars he bought with the Christmas money he received from Grandad – he looks a proper little explorer!Happy boy

He’s a happy little boy 🙂DSCF1115

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