Canberra Holiday – Part 2

Whist on holiday we visited a model village.

Monster enjoyed the bus ride there:We saw lots and lots of models. They were very realistic. This is us on our way into the house whose gardens house the models… … and this is the first model in the garden, of their house.There were models of famous landmarks, like Stonehenge, … … places  that were familiar, like the house in the clouds … … and other (somewhat stereotypical) sights from around the UK like a church wedding (spot the Grim Reaper in the graveyard), …. … a country house, … … and bin day on a council estate! There were also some unusual sights if you were looking closely, like the man in a mask with a chainsaw raised above his head… … and the UFO that had landed in order to use the public toilets! Monster’s favourite part was the model trains with their buttons that made them move around the track. He would quite happily have stayed and played with the trains all day!



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