December seems to be flying by – only 10 days left til Christmas!

This is what December looks like so far:Bee bee bear Reggie gave Monster a Bee Bee Bear hand puppet, which was taken and shown to everyone for several days. Here he is showing Bee Bee Bear what can be seen from the bus window.

Thunderbirds are GO It’s very hard catching him still enough to get a non-blurry photo! The reflection in the mirror is slightly less blurry! Playing Thunderbirds wearing his International Rescue hat 🙂

Red tardis We’ve been watching Dr Who together recently. You can tell from his playing. I asked him what was happening:

“The TARDIS has landed on the garage! It’s a red TARDIS!”

It then took off again and went spinning round the room before landing again!

Shopping He insisted on carrying the basket to do the shopping!

Posing This was last Sunday in Sydney. Monster requested we take his photo – so we did!

Cool DudeAnd this is him posing for another photo, looking a right cool dude in his hat and sunglasses!

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